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Former Uber engineer says company ignored repeated reports of harassment - TechCrunch

Susan Fowler, a former site reliability engineer for Uber and current engineer at Stripe, accused the company of rampant sexual harassment and human resources negligence in a blog post published today. Fowler claims that on her first day out of ...

Trump Says There's Been No Russia Contact — Of Course, Much Of What He Says Is Untrue - Huffington Post

President Donald Trump addresses a rally at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport on Feb. 18 in Melbourne, Florida. 320. 33. WASHINGTON – The Republican leader of the United States Senate was asked last week if he believed the Republican ...

Unidentified man in photo is a suspect in the double homicide of two Indiana girls - ABC News

The man who was photographed on a nature trail around the same time two Indiana girls disappeared is now the primary suspect in their murder, according to the Indiana State Police. The bodies of two girls -- Liberty Rose Lynn German, 14, and Abigail ...

New Yorkers rally to say 'Today I am a Muslim, too' - CNN

(CNN) New Yorkers by the thousand, representing myriad backgrounds and faiths, converged on Times Square on Sunday, heeding a music mogul's calls to let Muslims know their fellow Americans stood by them. The demonstrators -- many of them hoisting ...

Trump Proposal Would Deport More Immigrants Immediately - New York Times

Men facing deportation were handcuffed at a Border Patrol station in Texas in March 2014 before being flown to Honduras via Miami. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times. PALM BEACH, Fla. — Federal authorities would be empowered to immediately ...

More rain in store after 5 killed in California storms - CNN

(CNN) Northern California braced for an onslaught of rain as the southern part of the state dries out following downpours that left at least five people dead. Storms are due to start overnight Saturday and linger through Monday, with 2 to 4 inches of ...

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